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The heart is a secret garden
Its trees unseen;
A hundred hues it blossoms
Unchanged, serene.
The heart’s a boundless ocean
Its waves break unnumbered
In every soul.

—Rumi (via sublimesea)

(via sublimesea)

We are made by love, we are made of love, and we are made for love.

—Khurshed Batliwala (via sublimesea)

(via sublimesea)

Spiritual guidance is the art of making a being become what s/he is.

—Towards the One

The Shaykh is the human soul released into freedom
Showing forth the image of divinity
That is hidden in humanity
that sacred image never tarnished.

—Countenance and Heart of the Shaykh in “Atom from the Sun of Knowledge” by Lex Hixon Nur Al Jerrahi

The Glory of God is a human being who is fully alive!

—St. Irenaeus (via lychnikon)

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Mark Twain (via tibor-1)

(via faraa-faraway)